A filling is used to repair teeth that are chipped, fractured, or decayed. They can also be used to reshape and rebuild teeth that have been worn down. A white filling is a natural tooth colored filling made of acrylic and glass particles, so unlike a silver or gold filling, there is no toxic metal waste or risk of mercury allergy. A white filling can be matched to the color of your teeth so that they are undetectable and look as natural as possible.

Procedure: The decayed portions of the tooth are cleaned and removed, leaving a hole in the tooth. The cavity will be filled with the composite material and the dentist will use a special bonding light to harden the filling. Finally, the dentist will sculpt and smooth out the material giving your teeth a natural appearance. White fillings require 1 office visit.

Our dental office can replace your old silver fillings or fill your new cavities at about the same price as metal fillings at other places. Come in and see for yourself what big difference white fillings can make on your smile.

Bonding Durability

Although composite resins are cosmetically pleasing and easily placed, their durability is not as strong as other types of restorations. These resins typically last from 4-7 years before they begin to chip and wear away. When this happens, the restoration will need to be replaced.