Features of Best Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

The most popular among the espresso machines are Semi-Automatic Espresso machines that put the brewing process entirely in your hands and unlike super-automatic machines, allow you to grind your beans fresh, as well as tamp and extract your espresso.  Many new entrants, and experienced espresso lovers like semi-automatic espresso machines.  These best semi-automatic espresso machines build up your skill level and you can see the results of your progress with a rewarding feeling.

There are so many semi-automatic machines available in the market and there is a wide range of machines to choose from in terms of their features, functions, design, capabilities, and much more. If you are just starting for your espresso machine, find some key features that you should look out for your best semi-automatic espresso machines include:

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These Brew Group Heads promote temperature stability by circulating heated water from a thermosiphon system. This is a great feature to look out for if you like to have things warmed up and ready to brew a hot cup of espresso throughout the day.


There are brands in the market that feature commercial parts for home and office espresso machines. The commercial-style portafilter machines give you a high-quality part and the feeling like you are behind the bar like the pro-baristas.


Single boilers are popular for semi-automatic espresso machines. The one boiler is used for both brewing and steaming which requires a little bit of patience to allow the machine to heat up to the suitable steaming temperature after dragging a shot of espresso.

Dual boiler and heat exchanger machines have two boilers, one for brewing and one for steaming. This facility allows you to brew and steam at the same time without any wait. Heat exchangers and dual boiler machines also keep the brewing and steaming boiler from cooperating, which keeps the temperature pretty steady.


The Gaggia Classic Pro has been around for a long time for several good reasons. There is no other machine at this price with so many competencies.  It has all the features like a commercial size and weight portafilter and no power limitations. It has efficient housing, updated fan switches with separate temperatures, a refind drip tray with round ends, and a more accessible water tank.

The Classic Pro is the best place to start your espresso drive. It comes out of the box ready to brew, so you can go without the grinder to start and use pre-ground coffee. When you are ready to up your espresso game, it comes with a standard non-pressurized basket. Add a grinder and you can brew excellent shots on par with much more expensive machines.

Compared to cheaper entry-level espresso machines, you will find the Classic Pro as a true machine. The machine is capable of making barista-quality shots while cheaper espresso appliances are limited by smaller coffee doses and pressurized basket brewing which fakes the crema.  There is no other machine with the features of the Classic Pro at this price.