Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender Reviewed as the Best Blender Of 2020

Reviewed as the best blender of the year? Hmm, sounds interesting. Ok, I know you all just getting furious that why only Vitamix E320 specifically? Seems like the brand has not exerted efforts in the previous series. Is that so?

All of this sounds so confusing right now. Don’t worry, we have a perfect solution for all your confusion. We know you all are looking for clues that could solve this ‘why’ mystery. It’s fine, we are the ones who can help you with this.

If you want to know that why this Vitamix E320 is being reviewed as the best blender of 2020 then you need to do one thing, read this blog with completely focused because we will make sure to give you oh-wow feelings, let’s start!

Safe to use 

You must be thinking that what this safety thing has to do with the blender? Oh yes, we knew that you will be surprised. Anyways, let us remind you that sometimes, blender could be the most dangerous appliance of the kitchen. So many of you might don’t know this that few low quality of blenders get heated instantly and due to this, it ends up blasting. But if you have this innovation of Vitamix then you do not have to worry about this safety precaution. In the E320 there is an automatic system that eventually turns off the blender when it starts overheating.

Make soup in a blender

This one is a little weird (when I heard this, my reaction was the same). Imagine making a bowl of soup in a blender in an accurate serving temperature. I know you are surprised to know this but it’s true and you are definitely not dreaming. In the series of Vitamix, this E320 is awarded as the best because of its multiple efficient functions. In this blender, there is an option of increasing temperature. It helps in creating a certain amount of heat. So, your soup is all set to serve. A hot piping soup with scrumptious ingredients blended smoothly.

Self-cleaning facility 

Cleaning containers of blenders and assuring that the smell or you can say the aroma of the added ingredients is not there anymore is a challenging task. Especially when you use one blender of different purposes. Like, using blender for baking cake, making the pancake, and soups at the same time. Imagine a cake with a little touch of tomato and garlic (just yuckie feels). However, in this new series of Vitamix, you do not have to invest extra effort. It will clean itself. All you need to do is, add few drops of soap liquid and leave all the rest on the blender.

Now you got it that why E320 is winning the heart of all experts and customers? Of course, who doesn’t like a blender which could perform many functions at a time? I know deep down you all wish to have this blender in your kitchen so that you can also enjoy its amazing features.